The Classical Music Minute

The Classical Music Minute podcast is all about the random musical questions and nuggets of trivia that might pop into our heads. My hope is that you find these short one minute meanderings satisfying to the mental palate, if not mildly entertaining.

Vivaldi’s Four Seasons: Music & Poetry In Harmony The Classical Music Minute

DescriptionVivaldi’s The Four Seasons is a highly celebrated work. But did you know that poetry was also published along with it? You can check out the full poetry on the Toronto Symphony Orchestra’s site. Join me, as we take a minute to get the scoop!Fun FactVivaldi’s opera Giustino, which was also written in 1723, has similarities to The Four Seasons. In the middle of Act I, there’s a short sinfonia, and we can hear what Vivaldi did with the theme from the first movement of his (then) new concerto.About StevenSteven is a Canadian composer living in Toronto. He creates a range of works, with an emphasis on the short-form genre—his muse being to offer the listener both the darker and more satiric shades of human existence. If you're interested, please check out his website for more.A Note To Music Students et al.All recordings and sheet music are available on my site. I encourage you to take a look and play through some. Give me a shout if you have any questions.Got a topic? Pop me off an email at: TCMMPodcast@Gmail.com 
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